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Below is a list of lectures and courses we are teaching in the current semester.

Courses (FS 2017)

Number Unit Lecturer
752-6001-AAL Introduction to Nutritional Science  M. B. Zimmermann,
C. Wolfrum
752-6002-00L Advanced Topics in Nutritional Science  C. Cercamondi,
V. Galetti,
J. M. Sych,
C. Wolfrum
752-6102-00L The Role of Food and Nutrition for Disease Prevention  M. Andersson
752-6104-00L Nutrition for Health and Development  M. B. Zimmermann
752-6201-00L Research Methodology in Nutrition  I. Herter-Aeberli
752-6202-00L Nutrition Case Studies  D. Moretti
752-6210-00L Toxicology and Nutrition Laboratory Course  M. B. Zimmermann,
I. Herter-Aeberli,
A. Nilforoushan,
S. J. Sturla
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